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Nuku churrs, "Welcome to Newbie School, session II"

Nuku churrs, "Before I jump into today's topic, does anyone have a question they've been dying to ask?"

Nuku okeys, no questions then, "The world as we know it is comprised of five major land masses"

Nuku churrs, "According to the maps the Empire uses, the Imperial continent is of course in the center, it is thusly known as the Central Continent."

Nuku churrs, "It's major political forces are the Empire, and the Church, they have approximately equal power and have formed a cooperative symbioses, each feeding off of the sucesss of the other"

Nuku churrs, "The empire wins popularity by going in god, the church reaches more people by going with the empire, which in turn gives the empire more power, repeat ad nasuem"

Nuku churrs, "To the west we find the Continent of Lost Hope, also known as the Western Continent"

Nuku churrs, "Its major political power are a scattered, vaugely allianced group of city states, reminiscent of american indians in a sense, they espouse spiritual worship over god worship, and have a lower amount of technology and cruder magic"

Nuku churrs, "The Empire stumbled across this Continent and its rich and relatively unused and untouched resources. As far as the people 'in the know' are concerned, they want that land, they want the ore, the food, everything. But, the picture painted for the common man is far different, these westerners are barbarians, heathens, lowest scum and unworthy of leading themselves"

Nuku churrs, "Surely they'd be better with Empire guidance, no?"

Ryuenuske raises his hand

Nuku churrs, "Under this auspice, war has begun, and has been raging across the continent for as long as anyone can recall"

Nuku churrs, "Yo"

Ryuenuske asks "Would there currently be any established towns used by the empire in the continent? I mean like a colony of some sort"

Nuku churrs, "Hai, there are several major port cities, beachheads that they've secured over the centuries as permanent strongholds for armies to come in from the central continent or fall back to in an emergency"

willow, on that, raizes his paw..

Nuku churrs, "Where the westerners lack in finesse, they make up for in brute willpower, they are a fierce and determined people, known to fly into muderous rage in the battle field until there's not enough of their body left to move again"

Nuku churrs, "Willow"

Nuku churrs, "Willow"

willow yerfs quietly, "I just remembered hearing about the change in power. Is there a ne regent..?"

Nuku churrs, "I'm not quite up to current events yet"

Nuku notes the question

Nuku churrs, "I'll get to it, no worry"

willow nods and bows..

Nuku moves on, to the east, The land of the Kingdom of Wutai, major political power being Wutai, who owns every inch of the continent

Nuku churrs, "Many people are unsure really why the Empire picked a fight with Wutai, but it did, and it's been a losing fight since the first day. Wutai has better technology and better magic. It was the first place of true civilization since Holy and thusly had a time advantage in catching up to Pre-Holy technology as well as more time to delve into new mystic fields"

Nuku churrs, "Their religion is a mixture of the Church's and a spirit worship, their kingdom's spiritual leader and mascot being Leviathan"

Nuku churrs, "Wutai has shown amazing patience about the attacks, fending off empire assault without counter attacking once, despite the ease that they could probably do it in. There are ambassadors from Wutai in most major Empire city states, trying to convince the Empire to cease fire"

Bahumat lifts his tailtip, will bring up further topics on Wutai and their army.

Nuku churrs, "Go for it, Bahumat"

Bahumat rumbles up: "Presently, the kill-to-death ratio on the battlefield in Wutai is 50-to-1 in favor of the Wutaiin army. Suffice to say, you don't want to be sent there. As Nuku stated; Wutai has shown amazing patience. The simple fact is, Wutai could conquer the Empire in short order if they wanted to, but they don't. They're traditional, and love their island nation. They have little desire to leave it."

Bahumat rumbles, "This info is kept quiet, though poorly, as the public mustn't know just how bad they're losing. Remember, the foundation of the Empire is the Glory of God and Empire. Defeat is a bitter, bitter pill for the masses to swallow.""

Bahumat rumbles, "Suffice it to say though, it's not secret to anyone above the commoner level. Too many men leave and never return."

Bahumat turns the floor back to Nuku.

Nuku churrs, "The public excuse for the war is a religious one, the Wutains are pegged as evil devil worshipping monstrosities that eat their own children and make sacrifices to dark malevolent gods, which is why it's taking so long to beat them"

Nuku churrs, "Damn infernal powers.."

Nuku churrs, "Moving along, We come to the Forbidden Continent, that lies to the north, it is a land that never healed from Holy"

Nuku churrs, "Its surface remains broken and scarred, life steam surfaces constantly, the people who live there by whatever misfortune are wracked with mutation, often lethal. It's not a nice place to be"

Nuku churrs, "Lacking in resources, it was ignored by the Empire, and is not at war"

Nuku churrs, "It has no major political forces beyond a few scattered towns"

Nuku churrs, "To the south is the Continent of the Rising Sun, rather like Australia in design and feel, it has managed to keep peaceable terms with all global powers, trading mostly in tourism and vacationing. It has little 'tangible' resources, instead only offering pleasent views and a good place to relax for nobles willing to shell out for the privalege"

Nuku churrs, "It's a quiet laid back place"

Nuku churrs, "Major Political force being the ruling Monarchy of the island, and its network of ambassadors to mantain their peace. As far as it is known, they have little to no standing army."

Silverleaf raises a hand

Nuku churrs, "Silver"

Silverleaf umms "Is the empire at war with any forces -on- this continent?

Silverleaf says, "or at least has stressed or bad relations at least?"

Nuku churrs, "Only small rebel cels, outlaws and the such."

Nuku churrs, "The biggest rebel in all the Empire is Drominham, the "Rebel City" as it's called(And some of you have even played there)"

Nuku churrs, "Tolerated for its amazing ore output and steady tax income, it's a place where none of the imperial laws are assured to be in effect"

Nuku churrs, "Ok, now we get to current events"

Nuku churrs, "Willow asked, who's the regeant now? Do we have one?"

Clive stands. "At this time we have no current Regent or King."

Nuku churrs, "Answer, yes and no. Valen has been assigned as a Chancellor in charge of basically all the things a Regeant would be in charge of. However, because of that careful wording of his title, he could be pried away at any time should those of higher power chose to do so"

Nuku churrs, "However.. if he plays his cards right, Valen could become the next regeant"

Nuku churrs, "Any other questions?"

Clive raises his hand.

Nuku churrs, "Clive"

Clive growls, "Yeah...what about Enforcer's and stuff. Do they really have as much power as they make out to be?"

Bahumat thinks we need a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to complete character creation, including the more obscure stuff like +lifestyle, +streetwise, etc. 

Nuku churrs, "Enforcers each have a squad of at least five guards they can command at any time, sometimes more(gained through IC play)"

Nuku churrs, "Enforcers are authorized to arrest anyone, but may not kill unless violence is offered to them first"

Silverleaf blinkies "y'mean that th'whole bloody time I've had 5 guards?

Nuku churrs, "Roughing someone up does not count as killing them"

Bahumat noses Nuku. "They might be authorized, but they'd have a hell of a time arresting a Noble unless they caught him mid-act in front of plenty of witnesses. Ditto for clergy, etc, the higher castes."

Nuku churrs, "Judicators have several enforcers under them(the PCs in their branch) and can make the decision of death"

Nuku churrs, "They are, as named, the judges, and can declare a man guilty or innocent on the scene if they so wish"

Nuku nods, enforcers can arrest a noble, but if they don't have evidence, will probably be chewed up by their judicator later

Nuku churrs, "But at the time, they can do it"

Nuku churrs, "IE: Enforcers are under no obligation to prove they have evidence /while/ arresting someone"

Clive growls, "So in otherwords...Enforcer's aren't like cops?"

Nuku churrs, "Guards, which are NPCs only for the most part, are under enforcers, they have to prove everything, they don't have the power to arrest"

Nuku churrs, "No, they are not like cops, they are much more than cops"

Bahumat rumbles, "Oooh, here's one that had me wondering today, Nuku: If a Noble orders a commoner beaten for publically being rude to them or other Nobles, will the Enforcers/Judicator help, or will they make the noble wait to do it with his own guards?""

Nuku churrs, "Being rude to a noble is a social crime, not a legal one"

Nuku churrs, "The noble has to use his own guards"

Bahumat rumbles, "But the enforcers won't step in unless the beating gets too harsh, aye?"

Nuku churrs, "Yep"

Bahumat nods.

Nuku churrs, "If the person looked like they were taking permanent damage or lethal, they'll be saved"

Nuku churrs, "Any other questions? They don't have to be political"

Nuku will answer code/RP/Other questions at this time

Clive growls, "Who do I got to to purchase a business?"

Nuku churrs, "Me"

Nuku churrs, "ICly, Valen or Royalty"

Nuku churrs, "Valen is the political master person, Royalty is the merchant's guild Advisor"

Bahumat gahs, has one. "Idea for further RP... Make BG stories available publically, and also encourage or require a periodic character update on the BG story, if a significant event changes their character.

Nuku churrs, "I'll consider that one Bahu, but that's a suggestion, not a question ;)"

Bahumat gabblefabbles around unhelpfully then! :)

Nuku churrs, "Any questions?"

Nuku churrs, "Ok, thanks for being here everyone"

Nuku churrs, "For being such good sports, +5 XP"

Nuku churrs, "And that concludes Newbie School, Session II"