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Bahumat hauls the rest of you into the Quiet Room for this seminar. It'll be good for you.

Nuku waves, "Ok, have a seat, and we can start"

Nuku churrs, "First rule of role playing, remember that this is a multiplayer game, there are a lot of people here, and they all want at least some time basking in the spotlight"

Nuku churrs, "You can't assume you're the hero in each scene you wander into ;)"

Nuku churrs, "You and others will have a much more enjoyable time if you share the actions and responses. In this veign, Remember to only pose once, then wait. Many people get in the habit of posing two to three times in rapid succession, this is VERY aggravating to the person you're with"

Nuku churrs, "You pose, then the next person poses, and so on, in a big circle around the room"

Nuku churrs, "Exception: If it's a crowded room and you're only interacting with one person, you only have to wait for their pose"

Nuku churrs, "Moving on, posing style. Poses should be somewhere from two to three lines in length if it can be managed, try to be descriptive about how you do things so people get a clear picture of it"

Nuku churrs, "Here's an example"

Nuku waves

Rutai waves back :D
Kami waves back unsurely..?
Kristen wavies back too

Nuku notices Bob approaching and a soft smile spreads across her furred muzzle as she raises her right hand, gently waving in greeting to them.

Nuku churrs, "Which looks better?"

Kami raises a paw and waves it, "Ooh! Ooh! I know I know~!!" =2
Rutai waves a paw! "the second one!"
Scorp looks around, 2nd
Rutai ha's! *grin*

Nuku churrs, "Another thing, smilies, :) :P :/ ^_^, etc..."

Nuku churrs, "They're ok OOCly, on the pub channel, in thought bubbles"

Nuku churrs, "But, they should NEVER appear in an IC pose"

Nuku smiles :) is not a good pose!

Nuku churrs, "Bahumat has something he'd like to add"

Bahumat nods. "Alright, topic one folks..."

Bahumat rumbles, "Powergaming, munchkinry, assfistery, and you."

Bahumat rumbles, "#1. Don't do it."

Bahumat rumbles, "#2. Don't do it."

Bahumat rumbles, "#3. Don't, for the love of Gaia, do it."

Kristen purrs, "Can you give us an example of the last one?"

You rumble, "There is no surer way, on this MUCK, of being slashed to ribbons, than by being the aggressor."

Rutai bahs, power gamers=evil..unless setup?

You rumble, "There is always something bigger, nastier, meaner. Come out swinging, get slapped down. Design a character around combat, and you're just robbing yourself of the oppourtunity to enjoy some quality story and RP."

Kami purrgrowls, "Is the death count still in affect?"

Nuku nods to Kami

Bahumat rumbles, "Do it enough times, you will end up sitebanned. It's happened before. Don't be those sad people who wake up one day and find out they can no longer connect."

Nuku churrs, "If I may interject, Bahumat?"

Bahumat rumbles, "This is not to say combat should not happen; but do not make it your focus in your time on Southern Cross."

Bahumat nods to Nuku. "'course."

Kami purrgrowls, "It count's down til your actually dead."

Nuku churrs, "What I think Bahumat is saying, as he put it in that last one, Combat happens, it's ok to be a soldier or a guard or what not. But there's so much more role-play to go with than beating people up"

Bahumat nods. "As the pope said folks."

Kami purrgrowls, "Eh...kinda like you're incapacitated, then when the timer runs out your dead."

Nuku churrs, "Besides, you make a lot more friends that way, and it's fun"

Nuku churrs, "Ok, recap of the death timer since it came up"

Nuku churrs, "You hit 0 or less HP, you have about three rounds or so to get help of some kind"

Nuku churrs, "Or you die"

Bahumat rumbles, "Munchkinry: Do not ask/expect rediculous sums of money, starting equipment, or magical items. For reference: Magitek is -right- out. Don't ask for it; I don't even think we have any player base in posession of it right now."

Bahumat rumbles, "Even a three-point item is not going to be all that good. It'll be better than average, but don't expect exceptional items."

Kristen purrs, "Can I have a snowmeow-ray ;)"

Bahumat rumbles, "You have to RP for those. ;)"

Bahumat rumbles, "That goes double for you, Kristen. "

Nuku churrs, "Rutai, you could make guns here, but for the most part, they're just big muskets"

Bahumat rumbles, "Finally, assfistery. This isn't a TSing muck. It happens, but that's not the focus of this MUCK. Needless to say, public displays of affection can get you in trouble ICly, and possibly OOCly. Keep it in the bedrooms, or better yet, on other mucks entirely. "

Rutai perks an ear, "Really? I can deal with that..what bout bows n arrows n such? I like weaponsmithin.

Bahumat rumbles, "Repeat after me: Taps serves a purpose, Southern Cross serves a different one."

Valince says, "Taps?"

Bahumat rumbles, "Tapestries."

Nuku churrs, "Tapestries"
Nuku churrs, "A very VERY adult place"

Rutai laughs! and repeats, "Taps serves a purpose, southern cross serves a different one."

Bahumat pats Rutai. "Good." 

Nuku churrs, "What we're saying is, there's plenty of places to get nookie, let's get down to the story line on this MUCK, ok?"

Nuku churrs, "Sound fair?"

Kristen gets thrown in jail for hugging someone? :P

Nuku churrs, "No"

Kami purrgrowls, "Not that severe.. -o_O-"

Bahumat rumbles, "Next lesson... +cinfo, +streetwise, and other RP sources of information. Fill 'em in. "

Bahumat rumbles, "That way people can learn things about you without having to necessarily drag the info from you themselves. It provides a base of knowledge to work around."

Rutai mrrps softly, "ahm gettin the cinfo :P..I..write too much..what's streetwise? (which I tried to buy 'streetwuse' for earlier..go me XD)"

Nuku churrs, "And if people like the information they see, they'll approach you for roleplaying"
Nuku churrs, "Type editplayer, and check out the 'next page'"

Bahumat rumbles, "I'll go into detail about how to fill in your own +streetwise info later, approach me privately since it's rather in-depth."

Nuku nods

Bahumat rumbles, "Finally, a subtle but useful command for you folks: +weather"

Bahumat rumbles, "It will show the current IC weather condititions, and more importantly, the IC time."

Nuku notes, time works as well, and is shorter to type

You rumble, "Make sure your poses reflect the current time of day; don't babble on about the sunlight reflecting off your shield when it's 1:30 AM."

Valince chuckles. "Four pm. Should be eating lunch."

Rutai mrrps softly, "ooh..so we can like..make clothes morphs to fit the seasons?"

Nuku churrs, "Yes you could Rutai"

Nuku churrs, "I'd be very impressed if you did actually, a nice touch"

Bahumat rumbles, "Bear in mind that time is IC binding... Certain areas of the city will throw you out past sundown, or other arbitrary times. This isn't hard-coded in, but someone can pose out guards approaching and sending you elsewhere."

Nuku churrs, "Ok, directing back to posing structure"

Nuku churrs, "When you're saying something, odd grammar can add flavour and texture to how you talk"

Nuku churrs, "However, if the 'pose' part of it, you should keep with good clean english"

Kristen shinies her shield "Look its very bright" :P

Nuku churrs, "Right there, Kristen has an example"

Nuku churrs, "That pose has two things wrong with it at least, can you point it out?"

Scorp mumbles... "shinies"
Kami purrgrowls, "Shinies?"
Nuku churrs, "Excellent, and the other?"

Rutai mrrps softly, "FACE!"
Kami purrgrowls, "Smilie."

Nuku churrs, "You got it"

Nuku churrs, "We assumed the post was IC, for the example"

Nuku churrs, "Ok, a bit of IC Etiquette"
Nuku churrs, "Remember, you are not the biggest thing around, there are people who are exceeding you in rank and power"

Nuku churrs, "While it may be tempting to be 'that one guy' who stands up to them and acts all stand offish, please, don't"

Kami purrgrowls, "So, don't go up to a guard and sucker punch them."

Nuku churrs, "Yes, Kami"

Nuku churrs, "But don't give him lip either, these are hard working people trying to protect -you-"

Manus says, "Aww, why not...it's fun to play hide and seek with the guards."

Nuku churrs, "Besides, remember, guards in this time don't have the stigma cops do iRL"

Nuku churrs, "'That one guy' who's a rebel, you know what? that's almost everyone"

Kami purrgrowls, "They'll haul off and whoop yer ass, then say you started it.."

Nuku churrs, "Resist the urges"

Rutai hmms, "Distracting gaurds to perhaps let others threw tis alright? most causes, rather?

Bahumat rumbles, "Not to mention, folks, this society is NOT a democracy. Said guard can beat the schmutz out of you in public, haul you off to jail for resisting arrest, and you won't be able to do much, if anything, about it.""

Bahumat coughs and points to +bbread 1/57 whilst we're on the topic of theme.

================================ Announcements ===============================
Message: 1/57 Posted Author 
Theme reminder: Sun Nov 18 Bahumat 
98.5% of Commoners polled hate and fear monsters.

99.3% of commoners polled love the Church and abide by their doctrines.

98.6% of commoners love the caste system, and scoff at the idea 'all men are born equal'.


Rutai tail waves, "Question~?"

Nuku churrs, "Go ahead"

Rutai mrrps softly, "Can I have like, a jist of how..umm, 'advanced' or so, the weapons here 'bout are? And can some have magical properties?"

Nuku churrs, "We have your wide variety of swords and poking things"

Nuku churrs, "Bows, crossbows, and muskets"

Nuku churrs, "It's renaiscance level technology"

Bahumat rumbles, "We have muskets now?"

Bahumat rumbles, "Since when? :)"

Nuku churrs, "Since always"

Rutai doesn't mean like, all powerful lightenin rods, er anything, maybe magic capsule bullets n arrow heads, that sort o thing?

Nuku churrs, "Big things that like to explode in your face, it's fun"

Nuku churrs, "As for magic, it's possible, but not common"

Nuku churrs, "It's expensive to have a weapon enchanted"

Bahumat rumbles, "Very expensive. And it's not just a cash thing; you'd have to have a certain level of caste/power/wealth/respect before the mage guild would allow it, even if you had the money."

Kristen purrs, "Heheh, remember inventor type people are shunned and such supposedly"

Nuku churrs, "Ok, tinkerers"

Nuku churrs, "Science has been given a rather harsh beat down, most people think that scientists are 'nothing but trouble'"

Nuku churrs, "If you're a tinkerer you should RP out the fact that most people don't like you and think you're nuts"

Kristen purrs, "You should probably include a chart similar to Gaia's Wrath for tinkerers to roll when they fail :)"

Nuku churrs, "If you see one, you should act that way towards them"

Nuku churrs, "Remember, magic is a much better solution"

Kami purrgrowls, "What do you do when you..just don't have anything to do? Like..you're sitting somewhere and run out of small thing to do without being repetitive?"

Rutai hiccups, "So, say, magical arrows that may or may not shock the hoo-ha out of the victum are alright?

Bahumat rumbles, "Kami: Wander elsewhere. :)"

Kami snicker, "Okay, I asked for that one. XP

Rutai mrrps softly, "or simply give a mild buzz"

Bahumat rumbles, "Another point, folks... I run into this all the time... ICly, even 'trusted' monsters like me, generally aren't. Trusted, that is. People fear and hate monsters as a general rule, and just because someone is safely talking with one, doesn't mean it's going to erase your natural survival instincts. (At least, I'd hope not!) Fear the dragons, fear the bears, fear all manner of things with large teeth and claws. Unless you have a willpower of 20 or better, save your 'been there, done that' attitude for rats and commoners."

Bahumat rumbles, "And please do not ask the dragon for 'rides'. -_-;"

Nuku churrs, "Besides, look at Bahumat"

Nuku churrs, "He's huge, who wouldn't be intimidated, be honest?"

Bahumat rumbles, "In a contest between what's better for the plot you're trying to establis vs. the natural reaction your character would have... folks, go for the natural reaction. It's better RP in the long run, trust me."

Nuku churrs, "Want to know a secret?"

Nuku churrs, "Most people who play a monster really really -want- to be looked at oddly, they -want- be treated wierd and they -don't- want to just be another person on the street"

Nuku churrs, "You're giving them exactly what they want when you role play it out properly"

Nuku churrs, "It might not be 'nice' but it's really good RP"

Bahumat nods to Nuku. This is very, very true.

Nuku churrs, "Understand what I mean?"

Clive growls, "Plus Bahumat is just plain ugly."

Bahumat grins to Clive. "Damn straight!" :)

Kristen wonders if she counts as a monster :)

Standing before you is rather large felitaur, standing 6' tall from head to toe and her taur body being only 3 or 4 feet of fthe ground. If you had to guess her weight you would probably say its arround the 350 pounds. Her ears poke out of her white headfur. Her eyes are slitted and are a crystal blue color and her muzzle is always smiling a bit, occasionally showing her sharp teeth. Her fur is completely white except for the spots which dot her pelt and one arround her left eye.

Her body looks strong and muscular, her breasts are slightly larger than average but not overly so. She currently adorns herself with a blue plate mail breast plate and a sheet of blue chain blanket is draped over her taur back, she also has a pair of saddlebags firmly strapped to her taur-body, with which she carries provisions, trinkets as well as her long sword, blue steel shield with the crest of her family and helmet when not in use.

On the shoulder of her armor she wears an ancient looking crest with the name Drago inscribed into it.

Kristen sees you looking at Kristen.

Bahumat rumbles, "No, you've enough humanoid appearance to qualify as 'normal'."

Nuku churrs, "You count as odd, Kristen, because you have four legs"

Nuku churrs, "You're definately not a monster, but you might make people nervous"

Bahumat rumbles, "Nuku, I think someone asked earlier about how leveling works'"

Bahumat rumbles, "Ask Cole nicely, he'll provide you with a combat practice so you'll have an idea of what's going on if you ever get involved in a fight."

Nuku churrs, "Ok, I think that's about it for today, unless someone has something to add, or a question?"

Valince smiles. "That's nice of you." He quircks slightly. "Nuku, do we need to wield a weapon and wear armor for combat?"

Nuku churrs, "Your descriptions and poses should indicate what you are wearing and wielding"

Nuku churrs, "You should pose the fact that there's a sword in your hand, and desc the armor you wear"

Bahumat rumbles, "Kowtow to Nobles, folks. They can have you summarily beaten."

Nuku churrs, "What's the level question?"

Kami purrgrowls, "I asked how does it work."

Nuku churrs, "Ah ha, Ok, levels"

Nuku churrs, "As you role play with people, they have the power to vote for you if they think your roleplay is good"

Nuku churrs, "You can do this yourself with +vote (someone's name)"

Nuku churrs, "When you receive a vote, you gain experience points"

Nuku churrs, "You can use that to buy new skills and magics"

Nuku churrs, "You also gain some experience for being active and role playing"

Bahumat rumbles, "With some minor XP bonuses if you're RPing with others when there's very few folks on at the time."

Nuku nods to Bahumat

Nuku churrs, "Ok, the really new people, send your backgrounds to me at nuku_v@hotmail.com"

Nuku churrs, "And I'll give them a good lookover"