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Korinna hurries out of her tent, dressed, ready for the show. She was late. She was never late. This just wasn't her day.

Talina nods and smiles... relaxing for all of a few moments and then looks to Daermon, "Let me get a drink and then we duel."

Daermon smirks at Bujo and nods, "Yes, they do." He moves to strip off his shirt and tosses it to Bujo before removing his sword from his sword belt and removing the belt. He pulls on his gloves and nods, "As you wish."

Bujo leans on Korinna's target. "Duel, now hold on a moment.. we have another show!"

Bhodi whispers to Korinna, " There was some exhibition fighting going on, so you're not late."

Bujo snatches the shirt from the air and laughs, "Look I get pay in noble clothes!"

Korin reaches down and lifts White Fang from the mud, but it shines as bright as if it had been polished. Untying the strings, he ties the blade back upon his sword hilt. That done, he retires from the ring, stopping when he reaches the outside, his eyes picking out Korinna...

Daermon turns to look at Bujo, "Would you prefer gil? I have that as well." He gives a rather roguish grin and begins stretching a bit.

Talina chuckles softly and nods to Bujo smiling to Daermon... could use a rest and cuddle anyway, after that though they can fight... moves to him after sliding her sword away and leaps into Daermon's arms.

Trejo looks over towards the others, then over towards Korinna.

Trejo keeps completely concealed under his cloak as usual when going out in public.

Bujo scrubs his chin, "A shirt or gil, I just don't know...."

Korinna hurries to Bujo's side, "Quick.. Bring everyone to attention.. Start the show, whatever it is you do.. Where the -hell- is Sasha! I can't just throw daggers at wood!"

Manus finds a place to "perch" himself, and watch everything.

Daermon nearly drops his sword as he catches Talina. "Well... and here I was just getting ready to be beaten."

Talina chuckles at Daermon, "They want our show to stop a bit for another show... sides could use the rest."

Bujo points to Talina, "Give the lady a cheer, she has it on the nose!"

Bujo mutters to Korinna, "No worries lil' sis.. I'll stand in for Sasha."

Bhodi wrings out his tail and sighs.

Daermon nods slightly, "As you wish, m'lady," he says, his voice rather formal though his eyes glittering. He moves to find a spot on the ground to sit, making sure he gets covered in mud instead of Talina, and makes her sit in his lap.

Talina smiles and cuddles with Daermon, her fur getting wetter and wetter.

Korinna shakes her head, speaking in a harsh whisper to Bujo, "No way. You're too big. I may be good, but I'm not used to anyone but Sasha."

Bhodi churrs softly, "How about me, Korinna, I'm about the same size as Sasha."

Bujo waves a hand. "Oh alright, I know... I'm just not as pretty as she is..." He darts off to find Sasha.

Korinna shakes her head at Bhodi, "No offense.. You're not human.. It would mess up my senses.."

Bhodi grins, "Well, having a tail was a good indicator I'm not human," he says self-depreciatingly.

Daermon looks to Korinna, "What about me, m'lady?"

Trejo thinks if he was up there it'd really mess up her senses.

( Sasha, still getting into her costume darts into the area followed by a shouting Bujo... )

Korinna looks like she is about to snap. Too many things are going wrong.

Korin finds a reasonably dry spot, kneeling down there... actually, considering the rain and the fighting... he's looking as though he just arrived from inside...

Daermon reaches down and kisses Talina's cheek softly before whispering to her.

Bhodi rubs Korinna's shoulders. "Calm down, just let the frustration go, this just gives the audience time to get situated for the show. You need to be relaxed."

Korinna moves to a table, setting her box down. She quickly picks the lock, having lost the key long ago, and opens it. She draws one silver dagger, sliding it under the sash, then draws another, doing the same. She finally draws the last, flipping it in the air and catching it, as she turns.

Bujo gets Sasha into place and meanders over to Korinna he leans in to kiss he cheek, "You'll do perfect, I know you."

Trejo watches, wondering if this is some sort of execution.

Korinna all but ignores Bhodi, looking to Bujo, "I hope so.." She moves to her position, swallowing hard, "Blind fold me.."

Korin fidgets a little, not liking the look of this... .o(A shame Lady Alynna is not here... a healer on hand could be reassuring...)

Kristen hrms and takes a seat and watches.

Manus smirks to himself, watching intently.

Bhodi's good humor leeches away as if suddenly drained. He pads off to watch the performance.

Bujo nods and turns back to Korinna, reaching up with a smile.. "And now ladies and gents are you ready." The cloth hovers over her face.

Silverleaf blinks? O.O

Korin hmms, settled in finally for the show... going completely still in fact...

Bujo ties the strip over Korinna's eyes and with much aplomb dives into the mud to her left, covering his head with his arms.

Silverleaf blinks at Talina "where'd those burn marks come from?" she asks as she finally makes her way to the tiger

Daermon gently runs his fingers up and down Talina's back while holding her.

Korinna tries to stay calm, slowing her breathing, focusing. This was always the hard part. She flipped the perfectly weighted silver dagger into the air, catching it. She felt the slight breeze caressing her cheek. She drew the blade back, ready to throw.

Talina blinks slightly... had been relaxing at then smiles to Silverleaf, "An attack a few weeks back, got caught in a fire."

Bujo cowers in the mud, head down and arms over his hat....

Silverleaf nods slowly "want me t'try'n make em go 'way?

Daermon gently kisses Talina's cheek while holding her and watching the show absently.

Korinna let's out her breath slowly, her movements so fast as to be nearly unregonizable, as she let's the blade fly, disappearing from her hand only to be heard a moment later striking the wood, not an inch from Sasha's cheek. She could hear people babbling, as she breathed in. This is why she hated big city performances. No respect for the entertainer.

Talina blinks at Silverleaf and sighs, "They wont... church healers and others have tried, they will be staying.

Korin is dead silent.... he lets out a nervous breath when Sasha is missed... offering a silent prayer to God

Bujo winces in the grime and flips over, running his hands over himself. "I'm okay!" He grins and spys another knife in Korinna's hand. Eyes go wide and he dives again!

Silverleaf smiles "I'm nae a church healer ^.^

Talina puts a finger to her lips and nods to the stage.

Daermon moves his kiss from Talina's cheek down to her shoulder because of the gypsy outfit being so alluring.

Trejo phews silently to himself.

Korinna holds this knife a little longer. As the breeze picks up, she swears softly. She draws back, listening. She couldn't make out Sasha's breathing with the murmur from the mob. She relied on her skill, and instinct. She let the dagger fly, again being followed by the satisfying sound of the dagger digging into wood, and not Sasha.

Bujo winces again, and goes at it again. Checking himself over, glanceing at Shasha before he skuttles across the mud heading slowly to the crowd... Only to stop and dive again as Korinna raises perhaps another blade.

Talina purrs at the kisses, enjoying the feeling as she watched the show.

Korinna draws and raises the last blade. The air was calm, still. The voices had hushed, and all she could hear was Sasha's breathing and the sound of her own heart pounding. She was ready to end the show, but she hesitated, though to the crowd it would look like a ploy to increase the suspense.

Korin starts go gain confidence in Korinna... his silent prayer stops and he just watches intently. Waiting for the final one

From the thick clouds, an arc of lightning touches down with a loud crack somewhere in the theatre district, lighting the sky!

Trejo looks upwards suddenly.

Bujo looking at Korinna from under his hat, view hidden from the crowd. He hops up, dragging down his mud crusted topper and moves to Korinna.

Daermon blinks from his kisses at the lightning strike.

Korinna releases just as the lightning strikes, the thunder crashes, and no sooner has the blade left her hand then she knows something is wrong. The sound of the blade landing was drowned out by the roaring thunder. But as the thunder ends Sasha slumps.

Talina blinks and rolls... her eyes flicking about as she did so, her blade slipping slightly from the sheath.

Bujo winces... and races over to Sasha.

Manus smirk disappears, as he sees Korinna release right when the thunder crashed, "Oh crap, that's not good."

Korinna shakes slightly, as she reaches up to draw back the blind fold. She can hear as the audience gasps. Sasha has been struck right in the throat.

Trejo's eyes quickly look back towards Sasha, all widend and frightful.

Kristen merfs and looks arround "Oh no... of all the worst possible times"

Bujo wips out a dagger and cuts Sasha free from her loose binds. He covers her with his vest as she slumps into his arms.

Korin jumps, rising to his feet and eyes wide... .o(I knew this was bad...)

Daermon gets up quickly, sword in hand. A muffled curse barely escapes his lips.

Korinna looks to the target, where Sasha should be all cute smiles and curly red hair. She watches as Bujo cuts her free. She felt dizzy.

( Sasha seems lifeless. The silver blade has landed perfectly center, and has dug almost all the way into her throat. )

Talina looks at Korin and Daermon... and nods to Korinna, "Make sure she is alright... shock may hit her..." she then moves to Bujo and Sasha.

Bujo's shirt sleeves trace with crimson as his figure curls over Sasha, for the first time in the few days his smile is totaly gone.

Korin rushes over to Korinna, especially when he sees her wobble...

Silverleaf blinks and races over to Sasha and Bujo "lemme see if I kin nae help, k?

Daermon tucks his sword into his belt without the scabbard and walks over to Korinna, whispering, "She's going to be fine." He's not sure if he's lying though."

Bhodi pads over to steady Korinna, grabbing a chair for her to sit on.

Bujo s arm comes up a dagger slips into his fingers, "G-get a way from me outsider!"

Silverleaf frowns "I"ll nae do any of th'such, let me see if I can't heal her b'fore she's gone..."

Talina looks to Silverleaf, "Back off a moment..." moves to Bujo, "Bujo... she can heal... she might be able to help, calm down."

Korinna seems to listen to something, watching as Bujo cradles the girl.. If she wasn't dead yet.. She soon would be. This is what the woman had meant. This was the horrible thing that would happen. She feels even more dizzy, and suddenly everything goes black as she feints.

Bhodi drops the chair to catch Korinna.

Bujo's hand lowers as Talina gently presses it down. He starts softly sobbing...

Korin is right there, reaching out and catching Korinna as she falls

Silverleaf reaches out and covers the wound in sasha's throat as she whispers.

Talina nods and gently hugs Bujo as she nods to Silverleaf her voice soft, "Do what you can quickly."

Cure Spell Cast By Silverleaf..

Daermon moves back and lets the professionals do their work.

The magic seems to do little, as the soul of the girl has already departed. Sasha's expression is peaceful in sharp contrast to the horrible wound that killed her.

Kristen sighs and shakes her head, her healing powers are not nearly as great as some of the others assembled here

Silverleaf . o O ( *wonders if her summoning Sasha's spirit back would help anything?* )

Daermon bows his head, murmuring, "Requiem aeternum, donna eir... amen."

Kristen . o O ( use raise :P )

Korinna . o O ( Depends on if you're willing to have the entire gypsy troupe ripping you limb from limb for disturbing the dead. )

Trejo blinks, having felt it would have been too late anyways just hangs his head as crystaline tears fall out.

Silverleaf . o O ( *mrps* no raise sorry -.- )

Talina . o O ( yeah, the Rom dont like that much. )

Trejo . o O ( Sometimes the dead come back and disturb the living though, that's why enemies of the dead or dying quickly try to make amends before then. )

Bujo's eyes go wide as little happens, his little sister.. by birth and by blood lays dead before him. The Rom man's body starts to shudder as he clutches her again to his chest whispering in his own tounge to her.

Bhodi sighs softly and pads over,nudging a couple of the gypsies. "Get her down from there," he says, then pushes them so that they quit staring and start moving.

Trejo . o O ( In Roma culture. )

Talina sighs and shakes her head, her voice soft, "Get something to cover the girl with...." moves to close her eyes... getting out two bits of silver and placing them over her eyes.

Silverleaf . o O ( haaaaaaaaang on O.o )

Kristen . o O ( damn, dont have nearly enough xp to buy raise either :P )

Trejo . o O ( Isn't that a greek custom, Talina? )

Silverleaf . o O ( *mrps* me neither, but I've a pact with strong white spirit ^.^ archetype 20, white-based type spirit )

Talina looks at Bujo and speaks softly, "My friend... put her down.. it is to late... see to your sister she might be hurt."

Korin lifts Korinna's unconscious form, looking over at crowd... and knowing now is not the time to trouble them... and the lady needs to lie down. He starts to take her towards the tent that she seemed to own...

Talina . o O ( and Rom culture, those people highly believed in Vampires. )

Silverleaf looks to Talina and whispers "how d'they feel 'bout guardian spirits? Should I summon one to try and help what would they do?"

Kristen thinks for a moment and purrs "You know, the soul likely hasnt gone far... If you took her to the cathedral they could revive her likely"

The troupe starts breaking things up, all extremely solemn, asking people to leave. This was a sad day.. And it would be much more sad by sun down.

Trejo . o O ( Heh...I heard some of the vampires from their legends would bite people's noses off. )

Silverleaf blinks and nods... "Aye, th'temple could raise her..."

Bujo says, "My - my sister is here.. She is gone.""

Bhodi looks to Silverleaf and Kristen. "Don't interefere with them and their customs."

Talina shakes her head, "I do not know how they would feel... I wish I did... Bujo... you need to see to

Korinna... she is still here... and this will have hurt her deeply... see to her... and Bhodi is most likely right... I know little but I believe they do not like the dead being disturbed.

Bujo eyes glitter with a deadly chill, "You and your kind will not touch her in your temple. I will see to Korinna, do not worry for that..."

Silverleaf sighs and looks to Bujo "I am sorry.." she then bows and stands, taking a kerchif out of her pocket and using that to wipe her hand.

Korin actually is carrying Korinna into her tent right now... he walks her inside...

Bhodi churrs softly, "Bujo, I can help with things out here if you want to see to Korrina, I know the gypsy ways..."

Korin . o O ( Which was hers again? )

Bhodi . o O ( 1 )

Korin has left.

Extremely brief interlude in my tent.. Before heading back out to watch the rest.

Korin . o O ( Not here ICly, in the tent with Korinna, we want to watch though :) )

Korinna . o O ( Pretend I'm not here.. I just want to see how this resolves. )

Trejo is near Korinna's tent at the moment, he'd probably be in the way as well...<repose for others>

Bhodi churrs softly, "Bujo, if the knife did not fly true, then the fault is mine. My presence seemed to only make her more uptight and I should have known better."

Talina moves to Bujo from infront of Korinna's tent... looking at the men holding him back her voice soft, "Let him go..." she looked at Bhodi, "You arent helping, be quiet," then looks to Bujo, "Calm down... you will not hurt any here."

Bujo cries out, "Let me loose!" As he struggles to gain ground and loose himself from the other rom that hold him back. "She is nothing to me now, she spilled blood of her blood. I will return it in kind!"

Talina looks at Bujo and shakes her head slightly, "It was an accident you fool.... it didnt happen on purpose."

The rapier clatters to the earth as Bujo slumps, covered in blood, wet earth and tears.. "No... no."

Talina . o O ( wow... got quiet )

Bujo looks up, eyes still cold and now he is free. His lips move in silent words as he glares at Bhodi. He remains on his knees but a glint of steel to the perceptive can be seen in each hand...

<Official>Bujo rolls Willpower+Steal-Soul+Subterfuge vs 11 and scores 1 successes

Under the new system 2 succs.

Bujo . o O ( And my dice hate me ;P )

Bujo . o O ( Bhodi, resist with wp+magery+empathy )

Talina . o O ( ~swats~ bad rom.... )

Korin . o O ( Oooh, if Bujo gets through, I'll finally be able to get my defending an innocent bonus to rolls... )

<Official>Bhodi rolls wp+magery+empathy vs 11 and scores 0 successes

Under the new system 0 succs.

Bhodi . o O ( you think I'm innocent? :) )

Bujo . o O ( Wha! )

Bujo . o O ( Pat pats Bhodi! )

Bujo . o O ( *sucks off a point of wp from you, and you feel depressed and very tired. )

Bhodi . o O ( hell, I brought this on myself :) )

Bhodi . o O ( hell, I felt depressed before )

Korin . o O ( Nope, as in Korinna inside... I mean if he gets passed you people... )

Talina moves to Bujo and lowers to hug him gently... didnt see the blades in his hands.

Bhodi blinks and his knees buckle, making him fall to his knees.

Bujo murmers, "forgive me." and brings up a blade so the tip presses to Talina's throat.

Talina blinks slightly and her eyes narrowed as she spoke very softly, "Bujo.... we both know my father is still with me... do you want to invoke him...."

Bujo breath shivers in his throat, "I don't expect you to understand, just stand. Slowly... and raise your hands."

Talina growls softly and remains still, "I have my job and my beliefs... I cant let you hurt anyone."

Bujo whispers to Talina, "I know... but the throw was perfect Talina. Perfect..."

Trejo dosen't wanna see anymore bloodshed, so he curls up into a ball with the cloak wrapped around him, hiding behind a tent.

Talina stands slowly, her eyes narrowed, "Her eyes were closed and there was a crack of thunder."

Bhodi pushes up to his feet, ears drooped a bit.

Bujo moves with Talina, "You don't know her like I do.... her skill is like yours. Now walk back slowly. I will guide you." He presses an hand to her rib and moves her back. "I advise no one tries to stop me. Lest your judicator ends up like my sister.. then you can murder me for it." His path is set it seems.

Manus continues to watch closely from where he is perched.

Bhodi churrs softly, "No one can be perfect every single time."

Trejo peers out from behind the tent, slowly creeping towards Bujo and Talina, though not getting too close.

Talina moves back very slowly and then stops in mid step... looking at Bujo her voice was very soft, "Do you really want to murder me... to tarnish yourself over a mistake... you have my death, Korinna's death, your sister's death... and your own on your hands if you continue on this path."

Bujo keeps the dagger tip to Talina's throat as he walks. She stops, his hand moves.. to the center of her chest where he shoves her hard. "No, your to pretty to die." And he bolts across the small distance to the tent.

Bhodi runs after Bujo, to try and tackle him.

Talina leaps after Bujo... not wanting to let him go and hurt anyone.

Talina moves slow though, having been pushed and knocked off balance.

Trejo throws off his cloak and suddenly spreads his wings, flapping up after Bujo as everyone sees the cloaked invidual is a monster that looks ready to dive upon Bujo.

Bujo . o O ( And lets move the scene inside, Bhodi is feeling hopeless and sluggish. I shoved Talina - and moving a few feet at a dead run is no problem. - Lil' old me vs you all will be a pittance ;) )

We enter the tent.

Korinna is unconscious on her sleeping pallet, hands laying on her stomach.

Korin is standing over the form of Korinna, his head turned at the sound of the ruckus outside...

Bujo rips open the tent and in a flash start moving forward, armed with twin daggers. One in each fist.

Bhodi was hoping for a tackle, however, he's stumbling forward. "Korinna, beware!" he calls out.

Trejo slashes open the top of the tent as his upper body pokes through, making a high pitched crystaline noise that echos off of any crystal in the tent, making it echo the words "Nooooo!" ( Provided there is any in the room )

Talina crawls after everything... standing and running, pulling her sword to use the flat of it........

Korin reaches his hand to White Fang, drawing it forward in a single stroke, taking up positions between everyone and Korinna, unsure of where the threat comes from... Bujo is the one withthe weapons, but...

Trejo has thrown his cloak off and everyone sees the concealed stranger Trejo is really a monster.

Bujo has his grin again, but it is far from one of humor....He ignores the monster, and those coming along behind him. Rom and defender alike. Murder and vengance lights the madness of his eyes as he moves forward.

Talina yells out as she runs after, "Dont kill him... only stop him."

Bhodi pulls something from his back, basically a wooden stock with a muzzle that he aims at Bujo.

Bujo is intent on doing the deed, his arm hooks back for his now well known throw...

Bhodi raises his cuellin to fire

Bhodi . o O ( do we want to roll or just rp it? )

Bujo . o O ( RP it mate ;) )

Korin sees the hook back, grabbing the side of the tent with his off hand. With a pull of his muscled arms, he brings it down on the entire group, then bending down to grab Korinna in the mess...

Bhodi fires the gun. There's a whir and a disk goes flying out, aimed for Bujo's hand to make him drop the blade he holds.

Trejo falls down onto Bujo as the tent is yanked down, letting out a scream in the process.

Talina becomes like lighting as she uses her skills swordswoman to move, her abilities kicking it as she leaped.... the flat of her blade going towards Bujo's head.....

Talina . o O ( she is using dispatch in other words. )

And the tent tumbles down, the thick middle post going over....Bujo is covered with it. Trejo, and so many other things happen all at once.

Bujo . o O ( Roll those hits, I'm not defending I'll need to pose for posible damage. )

Korinna doesn't wake up, even as hell breaks loose around her.

Korin scoops up Korinna, lifting her off the ground and putting her over one shoulder as he starts to sprint out of where the back of the tent was, just away from the whole mess... a monster, a bloodthirsty gypsy... he's trying to get distance

Trejo . o O ( What sorta roll do I make for crash landing on somebody? )

<Official>Talina attacks with a weapon power 5 Melee/swords class weapon and to-hit bonus of 5 for 6 succs and does 12 damage, assuming they hit without any defensive succs or soaking.

Bujo . o O ( None that one you just do. )

Talina . o O ( isnt leathal damage... is meant to knock him out. )

Bujo . o O ( Bhodi? )

Korinna . o O ( Korin, if the tents down, you're going to have to hunt your way out from under quite a bit of heavy tarp. It was atleast 20x20x10. )

Bujo . o O ( I know. )

<Official>Bhodi attacks with a weapon power 0 Ranged/Cuellin class weapon and to-hit bonus of 0 for 4 succs and does 4 damage, assuming they hit without any defensive succs or soaking.

Korin . o O ( Will be hunting for a few seconds... Korinna in one hand, White Fang in the other to make a way out of the canvas... )

Korinna . o O ( Bhodi, it didn't calculate the 3 WP of the weapon.. )

Bujo . o O ( Indeed. )

Bhodi . o O ( drat )

<Official>Bhodi attacks with a weapon power 0 ranged/Cuellin class weapon and to-hit bonus of 0 for 3 succs and does 3 damage, assuming they hit without any defensive succs or soaking.

Bhodi . o O ( bah, just go with it )

Bujo is down under the tarp, dazed from several blows. And the beast atop him...

Bhodi uses shadow-walking to get out of the fallen tent.

Talina moves to cut the tarp away... looking at Trejo and speaks softly, "Get out of here before the guard show up.... dont want them attacking you, we will deal with Bujo."

Trejo tries to stand up quickly, still atop Bujo, looking towards Talina and nodding while slashing out of the tent, trying to use whatever piece he cuts away from it as cover since he threw off his cloak.

Trejo . o O ( I have to leave in a hurry.... )

Trejo . o O ( Or else I would have RP'd this out longer...missed my chance. )

Trejo goes [IDL] Idling.

Bujo is far from moving at the moment, not noticed untill now the main post of the tent it seems - did quite the number upon his face. Nose mashed... he stares skyward eyes glazed and blank.

Bhodi pads over to see if Bujo is still breathing.

Talina blinks and checks Bujo's pulse... setting her sword next to her so she can grab it easily.

The Rom circle the tent...

Trejo breaks out of the tent, fleeing and probably unnerving a few Rom in his escape.

Korin pauses outside of the tent, watching as Trejo bolts... breathing heavily... he still holds onto Korinna though, in case someone else comes bolting at him with weapons...

Bujo is still living... a slender notion. But he draws breath. Strong pulse, he -should- be okay.

Korinna shifts uneasilly, but remains unconscious.

Bujo . o O ( And we should move outside again pose the tents collapse and such. )

Bhodi . o O ( yup )

Talina . o O ( alright )

We exit the now dead tent.

Bujo . o O ( *chuckles* )

Bujo . o O ( Lay on! )

Bhodi . o O ( you in SCA? )

Talina slips her sword away and sighs... looking a bit sad as a hand moved to brush Bujo's cheek.

Bujo . o O ( For a time )

Bhodi lets his cuellin drop, the strap keeping it at his side. He looks around for Korin and Korinna.

Bhodi . o O ( I'm in it currently :) )

Bujo . o O ( Enjoy it! ;) )

Bhodi . o O ( I am :) )

Talina . o O ( huh? )

Korin stands a little ways away... sword in one hand, Korinna over his other shoulder....

Bujo lays about like a stone duck. May as well be one for all it matters at the moment, at least his eyes close after a spell.

Talina slowly picks Bujo up and she looks at the Rom... "I am taking him to my home till he is calm... I promise you no harm will befall him."

"You are of the blood, he told us." An elder says and wanders off.

Talina blinks slightly... she knew... but she didnt know... the words sinking in and putting themselves in her mind... she would never forget she is one of the people.

Talina offers to let Bujo walk along with her.

Bujo decides to walk along with Talina.

An older woman wanders towards Korin, Korinna's box in hand. She gives him a dirty look, throwing the box in the mud, looking as if she would say something, but doesn't, and then walks away.

Talina . o O ( will leave when bujo is ready. )

Bhodi walks over to Korin, "Take her to the cobblestone inn... I'll pay for her room." He stoops down to pick up the box.

Talina . o O ( ~has a pet rom... is happy.~ )

Bujo . o O ( Is not doing a darn thing but drooling and being knocked out. Ready when you are ;P )

Talina carries Bujo quietly and heads for her home.

Korin blinks at the older woman... he sheaths his blade, seeing no need for it. He carefully swings her down into his arms, much more comfortable for the poor girl... he shakes his head to Bhodi, mane swishing a little with the movement... "Nay, we have plenty of room for her in the church. There is no need for you to spend your money."

Korinna would probably wish she wore something else for shows if she was awake with all this swinging around. Those thigh high slits on the sides of the dress were probably revealing a lot of leg and maybe giving a few free shots with the way she is being slung about.

Bhodi churrs softly, "whatever you think is best then..."

Bhodi goes into the fallen tent and at least retrieves a cloak or blanket to cover Korinna.

Korin nods to Bhodi, "The Church can care for her, and she will be safe there, under our guard until Bujo calms himself..." and realizes the problem as well... his arms are both occupied holding her though... he lets Bhodi fetch the blanket, his chivalry being what keeps him from trying to take a peak... as tempted as he is...

Bhodi covers Korinna with the blanket, aslo NOT taking a peek out of respect to the fallen rom. He fashions a sling for Korin to carry the knife box with him.

Korin nods to Bhodi, "My thanks... she should recover well under the eye of the Church's healers. I hope that Lady Talina has as good fortune..."

Bhodi churrs softly, "She has plenty of resources. Please take good care of her..."

Bhodi shoves his paws in his pockets and starts to amble dejectedly away.

Korin tells Bhodi, "Have no fear, I shall..." and begins the walk to the church...