List of Figures and Icons [Current as of July 5th Update]

List of Figures and Icons [Current as of July 5th Update]

Postby pridefall » Tue Aug 04, 2015 6:13 pm

Spoilers Abound!!!!

The following posts will detail every "Icon of X" and "Figure Of X" currently used for both the NPCs and Monsters within Flexible Survival. This is done primarily--on my part, I suppose--to help facilitate keeping track of what monsters are in the game, which NPCs and Monsters have what tags, and perhaps as a way to help catalog more about the game itself.

This post will detail issues that I have seen pop up/want to note to the team during my exploration of the games files.


Things Officially Coded out or Generally Wonky
    1. "Shaft Beasts” [“Figure of FeralShaftBeast_icon” and “Figure of AnthroShaftBeast_icon”]
    a. Reasoning: Coded out due to Compiler Issues as of July 5th
    2. "Omio, Greg, and Dan NPCs" [Omio is located in the "Researcher Studio" File, Greg and Dan in the "Lizard Parlor" file.]
    a. Reasoning: Much of Omio and content related to her--an undefined amount--was coded out, as per her entry on the wiki ( and this blogpost ( ... pdate.html). Compiler issues, basically.
    3. "Mutant Centaur" ["Figure of Centaur_Icon" Located in the "Centaur" file]
    a. Reasoning: Temporarily removed to reduce content size as per this GitHub Update: ... 6028a27fc9
    4. The entire Reservoir area and some miscellaneous background events have been removed temporarily due to space limitations.
    a. Reasoning: Self explanatory, coded out as of Sept 24th Update

Issues/Inconsistencies I Have Found or Want to Note
    1) Some monster names are not properly capitalized in their files. (“red kangaroo” for example) I don’t know how this affects the game but am noting it.
    2) The file “FS_feralDolphinToy.jpg” doesn’t seem to be associated with anything?
    3) Though FS Graphics says: “["Bottlenose Toy" Figure of Bottlenose_icon ] [only shown for humanoid version]” this is not used in either of Phantom Dolphin or Bottlenose Toy files.
    4) Ronda’s Slutrat Profile Image is not associated with her character in the “Slutrat” file or the RodandRonda file.
    5) Candy Striper creature is named as “Racoon”
    6) The “Centaur” File is really about a Mutant Centaur monster.
    7) “Beaver1_icon” is associated with the desc of the monster rather than used as a catch-all icon for its encounter.
    8) The entry for “Beaver” in “FS Graphics” also calls to use the Beaver2_Icon, rather than Beaver1_icon.
    9) In a similar vein, “Beaver2_icon” is associated with an ending for the Beaver infection, but isn’t placed in the actual “Scene” part of “FS Graphics”
    10) Hermaphrodite Gryphon calls to “griffon_icon” for its image, but the actual “Name” for the monster is “Hermaphrodite Gryphon” in its file.
    11) “Figure of QueenBee_icon” calls to an item only shown during a Bad End, and is not related to any monster currently in-game. It should be in the scenes category.
    12) “Figure of CatNinja_F_icon” should be in the Scene portion of “FS Graphics” as it is referencing a Bad-End and not the monster itself. [Cat Ninja is a male Cat]
    13) “DobermanCop_icon” is placed in the Table of Monsters rather than the “Scene” file despite it only being in one type of occasion, which is after defeating the NPC Alexandra in combat.
    14) The “Figure of FireSpriteMale_icon” references a “Project Figure of FireSpriteMale_Icon” within the “Fire Sprite” file. This monster entry, however, has both male and female variations. [I get why this is done as the art for the Female version isn’t complete, but it’s still worth noting.]
    15) The “Dryad” file is a mess of code. It works in game, but the way it’s formatted isn’t standard.
    16) The “Shifting” file in the folder Hellerhound has several typos in it.
    17) The “Equine” file lists the monster as “black equinoid”?
    18) Why is the creature “Female Widow Convert” named as such? Nothing in her file says what she’s a Convert of.
    19) Part of the aforementioned Convert file also makes mention of the monster being “Male upon closer inspection,” but goes nowhere with this assertion.
    20) I’m not sure if the author meant “Rouge” or “Rogue” in the file “Great Dane Rouge”. If Rouge is a name, there’s no mention of it anywhere.
    21) The “Jaguar Orderly” file lists the monster name as “Jaguar”. [Not problematic as all other Jaguar monsters are named appropriately, just thought it warranted pointing out.]
    22) The “Catgirl” file has a lot of interaction with an NPC/Pet Catgirl named “Fiona,” who also interacts with several other NPCS. She has no [desc] entry.
    23) There’s nothing at the top of the “Hyperskunk” file to immediately tie it to Dr. Moffat.
    24) The “Small Feline and Lion” file wants to handle four distinct monster while using the same Monster name of “Feline” for all of them.
    a. There monsters are as follows: “Small Lioness,” a “Roving Band of Lionesses,” a “Male Lion” and a “Black Maned Lion Usurper.”
    25) In that same vein: “Figure of Feline_F1_icon” and “Figure of Feline_F2_icon” -- the “Monster Name” for both these images is “Feline,” which it shares with three other aforementioned monsters.
    26) Karen (Retriever Girl) is missing both any amount of sex scenes and an ending to her quest.
    27) I don't understand why the "Monkey King" shows up in the game as just "Monkey". Even his file has his combat name as just "Monkey".

    x) I have no idea how to label/incorporate the following files:
    a. The “Bunny Girl” file by Harry Gates [old format of monster]
    b. The “Succubus” file by Harry Gates – what does it do? There is already a “Succubus” file by Sarokat, but no distinction as to which is being used.
    c. In fact, I don’t know what to do with ANY file by Gates since they’re all written in a different format than other monster entries.
    d. The “Tiger” file says it adds a monster, but only has transformation data inside.
    e. “Queen Bee” files says it adds a monster, but only has transformation and ending data inside.
    f. The “Dominator” and “Strange Slut” files…I don’t know what to do with them at all.
    g. There are files from Flexible Infection and Society in the master download for Flexible Survival, but there’s nothing IN those files to specifically differentiate them from ones that are necessary for FS.

    xx) The following are all files ENTIRELY DEVOTED TO INFECTIONS and NOT MONSTERS
    1) Arctic Fox (Janice)
    2) Dragon Babe (It's in Nuku's folder, but I have no idea what it references.)
    3) Dalmation (Firehouse related)
    4) Jackalboy & Jackalman (Nermine related)
    5) Tiger
    6) Breederslut (related to Dominick)
    7) Scarab Beetle (related to Amuran in the Egtypian Wing folder)

    xxx) The following are creatures that have MORE THAN ONE GENDERED ENCOUNTER associated to their files.
    1) Bovine for FS
    2) Goblin
    3) Skunk
    4) Pitbull
    5) Yuppie Mink
    6) Impala

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Re: List of Figures and Icons [Current as of July 5th Update

Postby pridefall » Tue Aug 04, 2015 6:22 pm

This post has links to the download of two documents, one called "fs table" and the other "code for fs".

Each does different things -- the first contains two lists, "Figure of Creatures Masterlist," and "Creature Encounter Entry Masterlist,". These lists correspond to the information in both the [Infection Graphics] and [Table of infection Graphics] portions of the file FS Graphics, located in the Core Mechanics Folder of Flexible Survival's Extensions. What this hopes to achieve is list a full account of every monster currently encountered within the single player portion of FS. It also notes which entries are multi-purpose (encounters with more than one gender of monster associated to the same Icon Of X), which are Feral creatures (animals), which are NPCs you fight, which are Monsters, Latex, Gangs of creatures, or otherwise. Both lists have also been formatted for ease of copy-paste for those wanting to edit the game themselves, though please note this file does not come will associated images. (I've also named a lot of images "Name.png," so a quick CTRL-F + Replace may be in order if you plan to edit in your own images.)

The second file, "code for fs," contains a list of every NPC in the game and gives them an appropriate "Figure of X_icon" for any image editing needs you may have. The list is extensive, and probably the more time-consuming of the two to deal with as it requires you to manually edit files. Each NPC is located in an appropriate Extension Folder of FS, and requires you to add code somewhere in their file to have an image attached to their appearance in-game. You will most likely need to read the appearance of the NPC before getting a sense of what they look like for image hunting, so. Spoilers abound. The file also has a list of scenes and places in-game where graphics may be inserted later on, but it is by no means extensive or complete. (It also lists some bad ends, so again: spoilers.)

(A note: This is around only 95-9% completed, as I haven't taken a look at much of the Vore or Latex-related content yet.)

1) FS Table -
1) Code for FS -
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Re: List of Figures and Icons [Current as of July 5th Update

Postby pridefall » Tue Aug 04, 2015 6:22 pm

reserved for when i find a way to post the lists mentioned above without breaking the forum.
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Re: List of Figures and Icons [Current as of July 5th Update

Postby pridefall » Tue Aug 04, 2015 6:23 pm

maybe reserved
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Re: List of Figures and Icons [Current as of July 5th Update

Postby pridefall » Fri Aug 07, 2015 7:57 pm

Creatures/NPCs With Incomplete Sex Scenes or with No Bad Ends/Endings:

1) Jaguar Warrior (No endings written, but structure is coded. Basic Pregnancy Coded but no Scenes Written)
2) Sugar Glider (No endings written, but structure is coded. File says "Awaiting Sugar Ferret Tie Ins)
3) EVERY Creature in the "Auto Translator" Extension folder is Incomplete in some way, whether it be referencing something that doesn't exist in the SP game (Mutant Powers) or only having very basic sex scenes (some without neuter scenes). None of them have Endings coded or written for them.
4) Dark Elf (No endings written)
5) Feline Gymnast (No endings written)
6) Green Hydra (no endings written. Attacks not written?)
7) Giraffe (No endings written)
8) Magic Drake (No endings written)
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Re: List of Figures and Icons [Current as of July 5th Update

Postby Wahn » Wed Feb 17, 2016 10:23 am

Let me reply to a few things that I know off-hand:

- Fiona does have no desc entry since she's not an npc who stands around and waits for the player. She's a wild cat that wanders in and out of the library on her own, so she only comes up in events.
- The "Auto Translator" Folder does not contain completed creatures that are part of the game. These critters are more or less straightforward rips out of the multiplayer and await a writer to transform them into FS creatures.
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