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(OOC Information: This is Ceris' first lesson as self-proclaimed teacher of the guild. Here’s a fun OOC exercise for you: Figure out what the lie is.)

[Highwind Point]: Mages' Guild

This is the Mage's Guild of Highwind Point. Reflecting the nature of the rather new colony, the large room isn't made of the expensive marbles and gilt of other guild installations, rather reflecting the materials available in the Point, steel and granite.

The floors are polished slabs of granite, and the walls are made of local woods. These wooden walls contain many alcoves and shelves for books, and in the north the wood is carved out in the symbol of the mages guild, painted in vibrant colours.

Along the west side are alcoves prepared for magical experiements and investigations, with granite-topped tables and metal-sheeted walls. In the center of the room is the standard meeting table for a guild of this sort, with spaces painted for each of the Masters of each style and colour of magic, and a more ornately carved high-backed chair for the Guildmaster.

Light is provided for by a large, hanging chandelier, lit permanently with beautiful Magelights of different colors. The guild is kept moderately warm by the addition of Heat Rocks secreted throughout the building. Scattered smaller tables are also here and there for conversations and study groups.

Ceris is seated within the guild outpost, the man having set himself into one of the small alcoves within the area. He sits opposite a boy, a young looking magi that seems to be fretting over several multi-colored crystals. The older mage is carefully scanning a tome in front of him, slender fingers carefully selecting and flipping aside pages with absent glances at the contents.

Usafra steps inside with Xantara, "I come ehre for classes. I need them it would seem."

Xantara finds her way into the guild and nods to Usafra "If you think you do, practice cannot hurt."

"Incorrect." Ceris' voice raises sharply, the man's head rising from his book. The younger boy sitting next to him has apparently begun snatching up several of the crystals that lay on the table in front of him, dropping them all in surprise at the words. A faint tinkling sound emits as one or two shatter, though it's paid little heed. Instead, the older mage glances upward, eyes turning toward the incoming visitors.

Usafra walks along beside Xantara, the tall dark mage's furs held tight around her. A dark miasma of tendrils floaing around her shadow and the shadows of her clothing. "Well I try not to practice overoften."

Xantara shrugs at Usafra "Practice is what makes someone good, at anything" the dark avian admits as she looks over at her "Wether that be summoning spirit or smashing things with a hammer."

Argent comes into the guild herself. She tugs her hat down a little bit and grins around to see who she knows. She stretches out a little bit and walks further in.

Sion enters shortly afterwards, looking around for a moment before entering the guild proper, looking down at his careworn clothes a moment before finally stepping inside after Argent.

The fur clad Barbarian woman huffs, sitting down. She takes off her frost crusted fur and lifts her chin waiting for the class to begin. The tiny dancing tendrils of black magics continue to gather about her, capering around her feet in small tentacles of shadow.

Ceris makes a shooing gesture toward his apparent pupil, the man snatching at his cane and taking several moments to rise to his feet. His fingers carefully brush along his clothing, ridding it over several shards before he begins to move toward the recent arrivals. "And a crowd has appeared."

Alkain hmms as he comes in and looks around before taking a seat next to Argent and Sion

Usafra's nostrils flare and she smooths her hands over her legs and leans back. She glances around the others gathered and looks back towards the acolytes. Most avoid her gaze.

Ceris' voice rises slightly, the man instructing, "The lesson will not begin yet. You have several minutes of waiting to do. I will be your instructor, you may ask your questions as you like before and after." The older man bobs his head, limping backward several steps. "You may sit, if that is what pleases you. You may also stand."

Argent gives a gaze around as well. She when sees Sion she moves to sit next to him and Alkain.

She looks up over at Ceris as he is speaking but says nothing right now. Her eyes glimmer from under her hat and is just about the only part of her visible.

Usafra cocks her head, "Are we taking into account the nexus' that are occurring today?" The human looking woman's amber eyes remain intent on the old man.

Sion sighs, just shaking his head as he looks around the group, and then back to Argent, ((Somehow...)) He sends to her, ((I seem terribly out of place... I think it is the lack of anything long and flowing... and a hat... definitely... the hat.))

Ceris' lips quirk briefly, eyes turning to Usafra. His eyes pause upon the woman, noting her appearance before replying, "Oh, I don't believe that will be necessary. This will be a very simple class." He nods once more, faint smile coming to his lips. "Such topics are best left for more guild-focused lessons."

Usafra nods once and looks away from him, amber eyes focused on the wall for a long moment. The tiny tendrils of black still slide around her feet in a tiny shadow orgy

Argent comments to Sion. "Well. You know me and hats. At least you’re not creepy right?" She looks over at Ceris again to see what he is saying.

Sion smirks lightly as he sends back, ((Oh, I am VERY creepy to most of you... you just build up something of an immunity to it, it seems.))

Sion shifts where he stands, moving into a more military at ease pose, letting his eyes cast around the room every so often, almost as if he was here to bodyguard Argent instead of any possible interest in the class. His eyes flick more than once towards the library, but he remains where he is.

Speaking of, or not speaking of in some cases, creepy Usafra shifts and cracks her neck lightly. She waits for the class to start, ignoring the tiny black tendrils that curl around her calf.

Ceris' eyes sweep the crowd once, watching a few more unimportant individuals sweep in before stepping backward. He makes a slow retreat, moving back toward where he'd sent off his helper. The man makes a slight waving motion, as if to assure his audience that he'll be returning in a moment.

Argent hmmms a little and looks over to Sion to see what is creepy about him. She has to really think hard about this apparently. Her lifestream colored eyes glimmer a little as she considers.

Alkain hmms as he watches the tendrils of shadow that are around Usafra.

Ceris does indeed return, accompanied by another magi from the guild. His colleague is substantially younger, a boy that looks to be somewhere in his teens, a thick black robe hung awkwardly around his body. The youth fidgets, green eyes darting back and forth across the crowd as he adjust the stray cap upon his head. Once Ceris has gotten back to the center of the guild, he ushers the younger mage forward. Then, he raises a hand, a slender finger that seems to call for attention.

Argent quirks an eyebrow at Sion. She chuckles a little bit more at him. She says. "Oh well. Maybe everyone here is creepy after all then." She looks up at Ceris when he comes back and goes quiet to see what he will say.

"We are here today to learn about magic." Cerin's voice is raised, the gravely sound managing to carry appropriately over the small crowd. His slow steps back bring him back and forth, pacing a moment before making the slightest gesture toward his companion. "Mage Usiel will be your demonstrator today. He younger and more energetic than I, and competent enough to perform the base magics we will need." The boy, for his part, remains silent and suddenly rigid.

Sion merely tilts his head slightly to one side as he watches the boy... and unfortunately his own piercing gaze might lend even more to the young black mage's nervousness...

Alkain turns his own gaze to the mage, his glowing red eyes probably unnerving him as well.

"This lesson will not teach you magic. Not in the broadest sense. It will teach you about magic, in the most basic sense. To most of you, it will be useless. Perhaps to one of you, it will not." Again Ceris moves, taking several steps back before leaning once again upon the cane. "We will begin with this. What is magic? Is there anyone who would venture an answer?" The man seems to be fairly oblivious as to how uncomfortable his assistant is.

Argent joins in the piercing gaze thing at the boy. She narrows her eyes just slightly for effect but stays silent when the question is asked.

Xantara sits in the back and watches quietly.

Sion sighs softly as no one else seems to want to put their foot in with the old man, and then raises his hands a moment, letting them flash and dance out words, for those who know them.

Ceris pauses briefly, head canting toward Sion. "It seems that we have an answer. A pity that I cannot translate. But we will continue, nonetheless. The answer is this: magic is life." A hand stretches outward, slender fingers playing at the air before the mage. "Magic flows through all of us. It is in all of us. It is like the air around us. Our bodies are filled with its power, some with more than others. The simple fact is that magic is necessary for life. Without it, one would die."

Alkain hmms as he listens to the old mage.

Argent nods a little as she apparently agrees. Even if she would have never thought of that answer perhaps.

Ceris purses his lips tightly, pausing a moment before continuing, "Consider your tools. Consider the rake, the shovel, the pick. Consider the sword, the shield, the spear and axe. These are but piece of crude matter that we test ourselves against. Magic is the true life, the force that flows through you and allows you to use those tools." Another pause, before he asks, "But where does it come from? Is there any here who would offer up an answer?"

Sion leans back a bit, and gives a small shrugs that says more about what and how he'd answer rather than his ability, instead looking to Argent again.

The old mage lets only the slightest hint of a smile cross his face. "It comes from the land you stand upon. It comes from Gaia herself. It resonates within each of our souls, and passes through us as we pass through out lives. That is where magic comes from."

"To think of magic in the most base terms, it is an echo. An echo that resides within each of us. In some of us, that echo is louder than others. For some, it is smaller. No matter the person, it is always there." Ceris snaps toward his assistant, demanding, "Create a fire." The boy does, clenching slightly at being addressed before holding his hand out. A tiny flame springs to life, dancing lazily in his palm.

Argent glances at Sion as well and blinks. She doesn’t seem to understand the sign language either. She scratches her head and looks like she may speak before going quiet again.

Usafra watches, listening and cocks her head. "Or for some, it is enhanced by other beings." She murmurs lightly.

"That is a different game." The old man turns to Usafra briefly before his head cants his head toward the boy, addressing the crowd once again. "Now stop. Listen. Focus. Can you hear it? Every motion creates another. By weaving the sound together he has created a new echo, one that will travel outward." Dark eyes sweep the crowd, a lazy gaze that lingers briefly on each of the gathered. "If you can hear it, if you can feel it, raise your hand."

Sion raises his hand, and nods for a moment, still focused somewhat on the boy and his little flame.

Argent raises up a hand as well. Though her long sleeve doesn’t actually show her hand. She continues to stare at the demonstration.

"Good." A hand raises toward the younger mage, Ceris instructing, "Enough." When the flame flickers and dies, he explains, "Magic is created by focusing and weaving the echo into a song. It creates yet another echo, one that may affect many things. One that may wither and die, or grow into a vast cacophony of sound that can sunder mountains and move the earth itself."

Sion lowers his hand, and then arches his eyebrow... his attention finally more on the old man.

"For some of you," Ceris makes a gesture toward the crowd briefly, "A path is open. For the others, I tell you this: be not negligent of the significance of magic and its influence upon your actions. Be aware of the flows and movements of yourself and others, and watch carefully the motions of the world."

Argent hmms slightly to herself as she puts her hands in her lap and peers slightly across the room towards the instructor.

Ceris gives a sharp rap of his cane to the floor, proclaiming, "This concludes our lesson. Several more will follow for members of the Guild of Magi. Should you have any questions, you may see me. Should you ever have any need of knowledge of the arcane, spiritual, or historical, you may also see me. If you like, you are dismissed."

Sion turns to leave then, stopping only to watch Argent first...

Argent stands up after a moment. She hmmms a little bit and looks over at Sion as well. She heads out if he is heading out.

Sion nods once to Argent, and steps to the door, holding it for her as he looks out into the cold, fingering his fire amulet for a moment.

Argent moves up behind Sion and indicates she will follow him out as he goes.

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