The Gale

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The Gale, one of the intermittant borderlands that linkt the spirit realms together. Little is known of the Gale though there are rumours that one can pass through it to most other realms though the only well known path is the one that leads from the Great Skies to the Storm.

From raging skies to roaring seas is the saying of those who pass from the Great Skies to the dark and stormy depths of the Storm. A great froth of water, 20 storey high walls and winds that blow with the force of all the gales of time.

To safely cross between the Storm and The Great Skies a summoner must roll a Strength+Athletics+athletics/flying check with at least 3 successes.

To traverse the Gale to other realms requires at least 7 successes, though some realms cannot be accessed via this windy plain and the paths to different realms are some of the hardest a summoner can try to walk.

If a summoner fails their roll they are lost in the wind and can only try once more before being tossed about by the winds. Loosing a HL and being cast back into the endless void between realms.

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