The Fires of Judgement

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The Fires of Judgement, subrealm of Infernus realm, a place where the righteous can walk without fear and the unworthy will burn in flame and fire. The realm is one vast shallow lake of red flame, only a few inches deep, red liquid fire covering a dark coal floor.

Visitors to the Fires take 10hp Damage per round unless Fire-Summon 15 or Saintly or Priests Tongue Merit is held. Anyone who has committed murder or violent crime in their past will suffer the damage regardless of what specials they hold.

The fires are a testing ground, those who come here tend to seek Lord Salamander or the favour of Lord Morkaleb. The Hall of Justice can be reached from the Fires of Judgement but the path is hard, harder then a summoner who can climb the Dragon Mount to reach Morkaleb's nest, so summoners should be warned.

To reach Lord Salamander's Haven A Summoner must cross the lake of fire, crossing the coal causeway. A long stretch of smouldering coals that stretches across the surface of the lake. A visitor must walk bare foot and no protection from fire or flame will aid them, they must brave the walk and reach the end intact. Shouting, screaming, letting the pain escape is all acceptable, a summoner must however reach the end.

Stamina+Athletics+Athletics/Survival vs 12

Anyone making these checks must pass 5 rolls, or dive from the side of the path into the lake of red flame and cannot try to walk the path again for 1 IC Month.

To reach Lord Morkaleb's hall a summoner most follow a similar path of greater difficulty vs 16 but they must also cross a lake of Magma, no easy task to achieve, if a Summoner can by-pass the fires and dangers of the Magma lake they will find themselves at the entrance to Morkaleb's Hall.

The entrance to Morkaleb's Hall of Justice; a riddle of the mind will be set by the Dragon's doorway, different each time, the solution of which will open the doors and permit one passage onwards to the nest of Morkaleb. See Hall of Justice

Local Spirits

Lesser Spirit of Fire. Salamander is an odd lizard, caring for very little but open flame. It need not be an inferno, a simple candlestick will suffice, but if the summoner is able to conjure flame independently, they can find favor with Salamander. Salamander, despite his great power, is a monster at heart, and not truly intelligent. As such, acts of ice or water will cause this creature to respond quickly with violence.

For Details See Salamander

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