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Description of the Realm

A small realm of bright and shining jewels, from rubies as grand as mountains, to beaches of diamond dust as fine as a grain of sand. The realm is constantly filled with the sound of chimes and tinkling music; a gaily lit and grand place, beautiful and wondrous to behold. A border between Pangaea and Alexander, and yet not directly part of either of them.

The Rubidium is often regarded as the hospice of the spiritual realm; a place of healing and restoration, although not nearly as concerned with creature comforts as the Bright Waters; it is here that the spiritual find their immortal bodies healed of wounds and trauma, the vaunted Crystal Healers seeing to all impartially.

A secondary purpose to Rubidium also exists; as the realm of protection, it is a place to store that which is precious in the spiritual realm. And that is one of the two currencies of the spirit realm: Memory. Precious memories, in Rubidium, may be plucked from oneself; they take on the metaphor of gemstones there, and the sweetness of the memory determines the quality and type of gem, while the importance of it to the person producing it, determines the size. Once this memory is formed into the gem metaphor, it can be given to another, but it is lost to the original bearer; they forget whatever sweet, precious memory was committed to the gem.

Rubidium is a peaceful realm, and its guardianship is passive, but impressive; mountains of diamond will slide into place between an aggressor and victim, and the offender will be pushed to the edge of the realm. The only thing that will cause permanent banishment from the realm is direct offense to Carbuncle, or attempting to steal any gem of the realm.

Carbuncle, itself, is said to be a shy, kind, and playful spirit of protection; seldom revealing itself openly for long to anyone, and almost never to people of violence.


Mountains of diamond will gently erupt and push aggressors back from their targets. Everyone, at all times within Rubidium, enjoys a Wall effect. Those who attempt to intentionally steal any jewel from the realm finds themselves abruptly ejected and forever barred from returning.


Theft of any of the jewels (and there are literally billions) within the realm will result in immediate and permanent banishment. Attacking any other within the realm is, essentially, impossible; the instant an assault is attempted, the great diamond mountains erupt and push back the attacker to the edge of the realm.

Local Spirits


The shy, retiring, turqoise furred lord of Rubidium, with Mirrored eyes and the Great Ruby that has for all time been guarded by the Great Spirit.

For Details See Carbuncle


Companion, friend and Guardian of Memory. Pounce is a Ferret made entirely from crystal. He is enthusiastic, bright and happy. Always ready to greet visitors to Rubidium in the stead of his lord and master who prefers to remain in the background.

For Details See Pounce


The realm itself can be pacted with, once an audience has been granted with Carbuncle and it has approved the summoner.

For Details See Rubidium (Realm)

Known Subrealms

The Home

No name is truly known to it; only that it is a home fashioned, literally, from the jewels containing comfortable, homey memories that others have left there. It is a place of sanctuary and comfort with the realm, appearing to any that come across it as a welcoming-looking cottage. Those who spend a night within it may reduce their Insanity Point count by 1, as the comfort and security of the place soothes the senses and soul.

The Sandsea

A nigh-infinite desert, the sand there the sum of all memories lost to time, or to reincarnation, the metaphor of once great jewels slowly worn down to meaningless sand. Within the sands, one can occasionally espy a lost memory, often in the form of a jewel. In the center of the Sandsea, a great and terrible sinkhole swallows the sand, like the top of an hourglass. Once past the rim of the sink-hole, there is no escape from time's inevitable draw, and those that are lost to it, fall into ...

The Hoard of Lost Memory

... the hoard of lost memory. It is here that Lord Carbuncle rescues that which is precious from the eternal ravages of time; the great underground chamber lit only by glittering, guttering torches, and miles and miles of shelving stretch out, as far as the eye can see, holding the precious gems of memory lost and rescued. It is here that Lord Carbuncle himself can often be found, in solitude; rescuing memory from the mountain of sand flowing in from high above, and finding places for them upon his many shelves.

Known Borderlands

The Forest Graveyard

Within the crystal forests of Rubidium, occasionally small graveyards are glimpsed, often attended to by one or two spirits or ghosts. By allowing oneself to be buried in one of the graves, one may pass into the realm of The Abyss.

Of course, one will have to dig themselves out on the other side. These "travelling" graves are usually marked: "Gone, but not forgotten". Upon digging oneself out however, they must still pass Cerberus for entry into the realm.

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