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A Pickpocket

Pickpockets are rogues that generally are motivated by one thing. Gil. They are sneaky, and adept at the sleight-of-hand, and it's said they can even be decietful enough to make you believe you lost your purse.


Base Stats

Prerequisites MP Mod HP Mod Class Ability
Rogue at level 3 100% 100% Rolls to resist being stolen from by a pickpocket are at +2 difficulty.

+steal-Gil: +2 difficulty to resist being stolen from.

L4 Limit

The next steal special used is at an additional +2/3/4 difficulty to resist.

L8 Limit

Immediately use a steal power against a target that is under effect of Stop, Sleep, or is Wounded or worse. The ability cannot be resisted.


Special Skills JP Cost Max Ranks
Appraise 3 15
Misplace 4 20
Mug 5 5
Steal-Accessory 5 15
Steal-Armor 4 15
Steal-Gil 3 15
Steal-Weapon 5 15

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