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A shadow passes along the ground on this rather warm night, the sound of wings beating slowly sounding overhead.

Tiranith is sitting curled up in a ball a good two hundred feet from the city gates,slowly rocking back and forth and whimpering or sobbing quite loudly.

The shadow passes again, this time in the opposite direction and without the beating of wings. The shadow passes several times more, steadily growing larger.

Tiranith whimpers a little and starts chewing at her claws for a little before standing up and starting to move towards the gates, looking like she's having trouble balancing. She starts crying openly now before screaming. "No! Don't wanna be eaten!"

Albel arrives from [Santa Meringia]: Bazaar.

The owner of the shadow draws up to hover for a moment in order to land softly several feet from where the dragoness was before. The night air makes the deep, yet still feminine voice, ring out clearly, "I am not going to eat you. Come back here and tell me what has you upset."

It's getting dark, just after sunset in fact. Somewhat uneven but very heavy footsteps are easily felt as Tiranith staggers towards the gates, a 24 foot tall dragoness with a somewhat monstrous look to her body, but her features are contorted in fear. She takes a look back over her shoulder as Guanar lands behind her and speaks, only to not end up shifting her tail to balance properly. She ends up falling over in a heap, whimpering and shaking like a leaf.

"...I remember you..." he says, looking from Tiraith to Guanar a few times. He recognizes them from around Highwind Point both now vaguely, since he's a bit closer. "...why are you shaking?" Albel shivers a bit to himself. Both of these dragonesses are a least ten times his size, and could easily gobble him up.

Tiranith growls, "Dunno where I am or why I'm big. I want my mommy and daddy and I can't find my home." She sniffles a little, the voice a mature and feminine one, but the words and the way he says them....almost like a child. "I don't want the big flying shadow to eat me...."

"Alright, shhh." he reaches to pet her cheek gently. "I don't know what happened to you, but... I thought you were a church knight." Albel sighs, and looks to the shadow. "...that's just a fellow dragon. I don't think she'll hurt you." He's not very experened with comforting children. Or those with children like mentality.

The larger dragon recognizes the smaller figure as well, but decides to make it a little easier on the fellow by shifting to the form that he is, perhaps, more familiar to seeing. Sparkles accompany the shifting and soon a ten-foot humanoid dragoness approaches the pair. She grew in the last year, it seems.

Tiranith growls, "B-but she's a wild dragon. Mommy always said wild dragons eat people,like all monsters. Where am I? I wanna go home and I don't even know where I am."

"She's not wild. I saw her in Highwind Point at the tavern. And if she was wild, I think she would have killed us by now." he shivers a bit. "...she seems to have lost her memories..." Albel pleads to Guanar. "I don't know what to do."

Guanar shakes her head, the voice from before coming out of the smaller throat, "I am not wild at all. In fact I used to lair outside Drominham." She slips right up to the other dragon and draws both clawed hands to rest on that large snout, "What is your name, little one?" Little one? A ten foot dragon calling a 24 foot little?

Tiranith blinks, crossing her eyes to look at the now-smaller dragoness,she seems a bit less scared now, but still quite timid. "T-tiranith. Tiranith Darastrixethe. Pleas, can you tell me how to get back to Kalm? I miss my mommy and daddy's supposed to make a special weapon for my birthday since I can't hold a normal sword. I hope they still have it....I dunno why I'm so big, or why I look all old.

"'re a long way from Kalm, Tiranith... You're on Valante... No where close to around those parts." Albel blinks a few times, reaching to pet her cheek again, somewhat gently. "Just relax. I think you've succumbed so some sort of bewitchment.... You don't remember the north?"

Guanar draws her head down to sniff the 'youngster's head briefly, "Hmmmm. When were you born, little one?"

"The fourth of Moogle, why?" Okay, somewhat predictable answer considering the mentality she seems to have. After all, she wasn't asked how old she was, or what year she was born in....

Guanar chuckles, having actually expected the partial answer, "What year, child? It might make sense to tell us the year, too."

"That might help, yes... But, I don't feel like I should be here." Albel holsters his guns at last, "Dragonesses are probably best for other dragonesses." and turning to town.

Tiranith shifts carefully, trying not to hurt anyone or break anything as she gets in a more comfortable position to talk. "1012 years after Holy. Eight years ago as far as I can remember, but I know I didn't have boobs last time I fell asleep, and a couple other things are different too, like my spikes. They grow an inch or s every year....and they were never this big before.

The deep darkness of night pervades all.

Guanar looks rather surprised as she is told when the other was born. Drawing her gaze to the retreating human briefly she soon returns that gaze to the larger female's, "There is something that I must tell you, little one. However I will need to tell you away from the city." She starts to walk away, and as she does she begins to transform again back into the larger dragon form, her ice blue scales gleaming in the moonlight.

Albel leaves from [Santa Meringia]: Outside, heading into [Santa Meringia]: Bazaar.

Tiranith blinks and carefully stands up to follow Guanar, though she still seems to be having some trouble moving without having everything be off-balance.

Guanar can't help but notice the awkward gait. She waits until she is fully grown before she does anything about it, though. At her full height she hunkers down and draws her head back to gaze upon the other fully, "Would you be more comfortable riding on my back, little one?"

Tiranith takes a long look at the other dragoness, then sighs and nods slowly. "I shouldn't though. Mommy says I'm too big to do chocobo-back now, and I wasn't nearly so big then as I am now. You're a lot bigger than my mommy though, and you did offer..."

Guanar chuckles, drawing her tail around to try and help steady the other female, "I'm sure I am much bigger than your mother, little one. Hop up on my back and go for a ride."

"Why am I going with you again? You said you had something to tell me, right? Are you taking me to my parents? Did they move to Valente too?"

Guanar sighs, "No, I am not taking you to your parents, Tiranith. I do not know who they are and it is not likely that they will even recognize you." She tries to then meet her gaze, "There is a reason why you look the way you do, but I do not know everything. You are much, much older than you think you are."

Tiranith growls, "Oh, umm, am I in trouble then?" She whimpers a little as she climbs onto Guanar's back, fumbling a little and trying to figure out how to make her four arms move properly, and starting to sob out of frustration. "Bigger trouble than having a completely different body?"

I know it's not much, but it is the first 'big' RP-thing to happen in Valente. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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