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The roots of the harper guild began with a united membership of bards who traveled about the world, meeting in seemingly random locations to pass lore, legend and knowleged between there members. Over time and in secret the membership of the harpers stated to grow, gaining artists from many realms and walks of life, noble or common had little regard to a harper when speaking member to member all that mattered was knowledge and the art. The Harpers started to gain true renown when members made the decision to step forward as advisors to emperor, who welcomed them openly and was more then willing to make use of the wordly knowledge, and world wide information network the Harpers had slowly crafted. Some famous Harpers were have said to taken part in the old war against Wutai, there sharp minds leading strategic victory then slipping out the back and going the way they came from. Feet treading the land once more, and allowing a carefully selected general to shine in the political circles. Not all harpers consider themselves warriors, or craftsmen of the ways of battle, some are painters, writers, courtisans, heralds. They stem now from all walks of life, a plethora of political agendas, motivations and life styles. They are still Harpers, and they still live for knowledge and the art. True Harpers are often rare now, there one was a time when you could see someone carrying an instrument and be sure they were a Harper, but the name became stained by pretenders and criminals who learned how to take advantage of the legend. The artisans went from folk heros to something to be troubled about, and in time lived up to the name. There are many true harpers that remain, some that simply pose as them, those that work with or against the great network that still remanins. Yet they are no longer, or perhaps never were the purely heroic orginazation they were thought to be. After all, any Harper worth his spit will tell you "It's not how you do it, it's what they think they see you are doing." perception is what it's all about.


Becoming a Harper

Any person can gain entrance to the harpers so long as they are a performer of some kind and are willing to in least in passing follow the rules of the network. In following the rules they gain the protection of the same network they work inside. Laws of the Harper:


Any harper may claim what he can see before him as his territory, and may work that territory as he may need. Claims of territory cease as soon as the first harper there leaves the sight or earshot of another. Disagreements in territory for playing are settled through negoiation, or challenge. A Harper that has claimed territory is refered to as a keeper, as they are keeping watch over all that they can perceive.

Suplucation: If a elder harper has claimed a territory, it is seen as poor form to challenge them. If an elder harper asks you to move from your territory you may then challenge them or move on. They may have a reason for being there, show respect to your elders and may they pass there wisdom of the art unto you.


Any Harper is honor bound when nessicary to help provide basic needs to another, survival of the art and our brothers is key.


A challenge for territory often results in a duel, such duels for territory shall follow the proper format. The challenger must first prove there worth by matching the art the other is using. By matching then then making change to the art, the challenge is issued and the duel may start or the keeper of the territory my step down and allow the challenger to take his place and perform in his stead. If the challenge is accepted a dule of art will take place, the duel will last till it becomes strongly evident that one or the other is better at the art displayed. Whomever this may be will step away allowing the other to become the new keeper of territory and perform. It is an dishonorable act to challenge someone who has defeated you in the same territory. Instead, be willing to learn more of the art from them and return another day. Else find another territory to become keeper of, this is the way of challenge. (This is most often done in the format of setting a goal in successes, then both making performance rolls. First one to the mark wins.)

The Speak

It is a requirement that no matter the art, the Harper must be able to understand The Speak, this is the most basic of skills any Harper will make use of to communicate. While speak is only useful for limited messages, subtle body movements, combination of notes in song carefully woven in can often offer warning or tell of a meeting that need not be known of by those mundane. Guard the speak with your lives!

The Art

The art is all, it is what we are. Find your art, embrace it and be willing to pass it unto the world.

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