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Now Hana and Kibou are a strange pair, mostly since they seem to only be one person. Born outside of wedlock to the widowed farmer's wife Anna Scars and her brief but loving Esper partner, a man calling himself Reson, the twins have spent most of their life simply as Kibou; the farm boy who never seemed to be lonely at all thanks to his intense but obviously imaginary friend Hana. He himself had a few oddities: a problem with touching iron, his reluctance to step over dropped salt, not to mention his refusal to go into other people's houses without specific invitation.

However with the collapse of the farm into poverty, their mother Anna Scars sent Kibou, now a talented and promising young archer, away to seek his fortunes in the Capital City of New Junonsburg. Shortly after his arrival in the city, it was explained to Kibou that the many oddities about him, such as his aversion to holy symbols, or the peel of church bells, resembled in many ways the effect such things had on many of the Esper people, the fae folk living in the forest outside of Drominham. As such he decided to go there in search of answers – especially as there was talk of some weird, winged girl taking his place during a particularly intense battle, something of which he had no memory whatsoever.

On Kibou's arrival, their soon to be best friend, the Half-Esper of Ice and Water Mairi and her father Phobetor, the Esper of Nightmares, declared that truly there was fae blood in Kibou, although both were puzzled as to why, as they could tell he also was a half, he was incapable of changing himself into his more magically aligned form.

This question was answered a few days later when, having decided it was about time she presented herself, Hana 'came out' to say hello to Mairi - this time without forcing her brother to sleep inside her ( as she had done previous times, keeping herself hidden from her brother since he was eleven due to the misconception that she had been making a mess of his life ) - and instead simply allowing him to remain conscious within her mind as she transformed their body into something resembling her own, a very pale, almost doll-like tomboy of a girl with long, raven hair, no bust to speak of and black, gaseously formed wings.

This was the start of a classic, yet somewhat warped sibling relationship between the twins, but both constantly declare they enjoy their life, their sharing and their restored inability to feel lonely, in spite of all the difficulties their form has placed on them. They even sometimes speak of playing together in their dreams.

Kibou and Hana continued to display many strange traits including an inability to touch people without pain, and lived as rangers and Wardens of the Esper Forest, taken into the Court of the Forest as Commoners by right of their Half-Esper body and becoming two of its most staunch and knowledgeable traditionalists. They were present during most of the battles and abuse levelled at their people by the new Emperor Elliot, and thus strongly opposed him ( even now, more than ten years later, they still hold no fealty or liking for Elliot or his rule ), always ready to act in defence of their home or its people as Hana's Esper domain, Protection, often rather brusquely dictated.

After playing their part in the battle to protect the home forest against the attack by a rebel heretical army, and thus their part bringing about the forest's current state of lasting tranquility and seclusion, by fighting amongst and commanding ( in so far as such people needed leading ) the forest's rangers, Hana and Kibou for several years simply resumed their ranger and Warden roles within the forest and enjoyed the peaceful life. As it became more and more apparent with every passing year that their body, now having reached the temporal age of twenty four, was refusing to age past an apparent seventeen years ( the age at which Hana had first 'come out' ), the twins restlessness grew in spite of their happily peaceful life and occasional wanderings farther afield. Finally, as new rumours of their Esper father Reson filtered through to them, the twins went to the new Queen Emerald, daughter of Eve, and requested they be allowed to become errant from their responsibilities as Wardens of the Esper Forest - which had by now been unendangered for seven years - in order to resume their search for him and satisfy their growing wanderlust.

The request granted, the twins proceeded to travel over all that could be travelled of the Imperial lands in three years in search of their missing father, chasing rumour after rumour and returning home to the forest only very occasionally. Now, chasing a new rumour, they have travelled North to the small colony of Highwind Point. In many ways seriously injured by a storm that hit them during the flight however, they find themselves stranded in the North for the duration. This suits them relatively well however, as it will probably take a very long time to root out the source of the rumour and spirits seem to have some small place in this land where Gaia is closest. It's just a shame they can't flit home for a spell whenever homesickness looms...


Full Name: <Unavailable due to IC impact>

Apparent Age: 17

Biological Age: 35

Gender: Female

Race: Esper

Domain: Protection

Class: Ranger

Positions: Northern Esper Court Warden, Commoner; Esper Court Ambassador

Magic/Tech Alignment: 75% Magical

Elemental Alignments: None

Height: 5’8”

Skin: Very pale, Unnaturally unmarked and pristine

Hair: Just past waist length, Single braided, Raven

Eyes: Blue-Black

Identifying Features: Black, seemingly gas-formed wings ( 2' 6" span )

Likes: Kibou, Mairi, Children, Friendship, Esper Traditions and Lore, Sweet Foods, Stew, Motherhood, Family, Companionship, Home Forest, Wilderness

Dislikes: Harm, 'Adult' things, Loneliness, Emperor Elliot

Personality: Usually bright and very cheerful, Hana is quite energetic and outgoing, if also a little immature at times. However she tends to be the better at talking to people, and her greater patience usually means she is the one to handle situations involving diplomacy until things go pear-shaped. Her dream is to someday become a mother, although she also seems a bit naive as to the details of getting there and is often rather thrown by the subject of sexuality, if not romance in fact.

Hana's Full Description


Full Name: <Unavailable due to IC impact>

Apparent Age: 17

Biological Age: 35

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Ranger

Positions: Northern Esper Court Warden, Commoner; Esper Court Ambassador

Magic/Tech Alignment: 75% Magical

Elemental Alignments: None

Height: 5’11”

Skin: Pale tan, Unnaturally unmarked and pristine

Hair: Short, Quite scruffy, Dark brown

Eyes: Dark brown

Identifying Marks: Large, off centre scar on stomach

Likes: Hana, Friends, Adventure, Travel, Wilderness, Archery, Fieldcraft

Dislikes: Self-Despite, Loss, Loneliness, Emperor Elliot

Personality: Quite optimistic and cheerful, but sometimes a little dark as well. Generally he's the more mature and reliable of the pair, and has a habit of being the one to patch up any awkward social situations he and Hana find themselves in. Having spent a great deal more time 'living' than Hana thanks to Hana's having never come out during their early life, he is also rather more experienced and less naive.

Kibou's Full Description

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Player: Chibi-Kibou

Alt Characters:

Pendant Blackburn-Demious

Forra Descren ( No longer active )


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