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Santa Maringia Adventurer's Guild GuildMaster Falitra

A long title, but well earned. Falitra is a Viera who spent many years working tasks for the guild, and had earned a great deal of respect. As is the case with most staff for the Adventurer's Guild, she came into her position because of retirement. The thrill of adventure no longer appealed to her, and so she runs things and ensures that as few of the adventurers under her die as possible.

Falitra is strikingly beautiful, like many Viera, but scarred from countless battles. Her left ear is cut short and jagged, in sharp contrast to the perfection of her right ear. Her smile is alluring, but the jagged scar across her chin and down her neck distracts from it. Even now she still wears her full armor from when she adventured, and carries her bow at all times.


  • Magic Oriented - Falitra is extremely opposed to technology, considering it unnatural. In fact, technology is extremely unreliable around her, and this ties directly into her perceptions. (100 magical affinity, Caustic Affinity Merit)
  • Sexism Intolerance - Men or women shown to be sexist are at risk of being removed from the guild. This stems from the guild master proceeding her having been extremely sexist.
  • Al Bhed Racist - Falitra is disgusted by the Al Bhed for their love of technology. She will keep her dealings with them brief and her respect will be extremely hard to earn.
  • Archer - Falitra is an archer at heart and favors new members who rely on a bow in the field. Some people even pick up a bow just to try winning her over, though she has a keep enough eye to tell when someone simply pretending.

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