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== Del Ranessa ==
Crest of House Del Ranessa

General Information:

House Del Ranessa is a relatively new establishment in the Empire. It's beginnings are rooted in a marriage of a loyal, noble citizen of the Empire, and a warrior of the Barbarian tribes. The house and its traditions, in the absence of its Empire patriarch, have taken on a distinctly Barbarian feel. Members of the Del Ranessa house do not publicly discuss the nature of their origins; probably none beside the actual originators know, the rest is kept secret. Members of the house are afforded great freedom in their everyday lives, being allowed to choose their professions and passtimes as they please. Military service is strongly encouraged for members of the house, exclusively as officers, but is not absolutely required. In important matters, such as marriange, one is typically required to consult the head of the house. So long as a member supports his or her own honor, and more importantly the family's honor, they will retain their freedoms. Dishonoring themselves or the family will result in harsh punishment, kept strictly behind closed doors. The Del Ranessa family is unusually secretive about their internal goings on, keeping careful not to let any family disputes or difficulties become known to the public. Their house, physically, is built like a fortress; stone walls with narrow windows, which seem more intended as archer slits than to afford a pleasant view, present an imposing image of the household. The house does require all of its members to work, in some fashion, or other, once they reach adulthood. Each member must contribute to the economic wellbeing of the house. Members who are lazy, may very well find themselves being required to perform military service, or perhaps receive an arranged marriage that will put them out of the family with only a modest dowry, and most likely in a lesser household. Children and the distinguished elderly are not required to work, and may rest comfortably in memory of their accomplishments. In matters of marriage, the Del Ranessa house will allow its members to marry how they please, however while marriages are not arranged, they must be approved by the head of the house. Men are typically encouraged to take on more than one wife, usually two or three, to increase the prosperity and fertility of the family. Women are encouraged to marry men who wish to join the household, rather than take their new wife over to their own. Neither of these considerations are required, though members who sidestep them too flagrantly will be frowned upon. For all male members, skill at arms is a requirement. They must train regularly, and be prepared to defend the family honor, and that of its members, at any time. Women are encouraged to develop such skill, but are not required. In times of crisis, able-bodied men are expected to provide military service, to protect the house and the city it is based in.

    • more will be added as I get permission to update the house and it's evolution.
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