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Also known as 'The Saint-City'. It is said that all those who have been saints, or aspired to that life without ever having gotten the title end up living with Alexander in the afterlife. Usually a huge robotic form, the 'Ray of Judgement' is a terrible thing. Alexander does not let himself be pacted, however, ever.

Alexander is situated at the centre of the cosmology of the spirit realm. From the void between the realms each star looks separate; they are all in some manner connected to the borders of Alexander. Be it through sub realm or directly Alexander is the place all spirits look to, for guidance and clarity of mind and thought when trouble times loom.

But for every saintly figure who dwells within these ancient walls, ready to step forwards and help visitors, there are temptations to guide them down darker paths, dangers fill the hidden halls and darker roads of the city of some more insidious then others but all a threat to those who come here. It is rumoured that these temptations, these dark moments in the brightness of Alexander are the city spirits way of testing souls, dedication and commitment, different for each person for no one soul is ever truly the same.

For good or ill, fair or dark the city of Alexander stands, tier upon tier of shining buildings, a majesty never seen upon the face of Gaia, but the combined imagination, might, hopes and dreams of Mortal and spirit alike have given rise to this perfect city, this centre point and turning stone of creation. The city of hymns, of light and hope where even the darkest shadows wish to be, the air eternally crisp and reverberating with song and the echo of peeling bells, Alexander

As Alexander will never pact with an individual summoner few seek the spirit directly. Partly due to the great difficulty in being granted entrance to the audience chamber. The very heart of the city where-in lies the Sainted Throne, where a mortal may speak directly with the spirit of the great city.

The council of Alexander will see anyone who has White-Summon 15 and Archetype-Summon 15. Their advice and ability to aid with most problems is well known and many summoners seek out their advice and aid with the quests and troubles that may plague them.

For an audience with Lord Alexander however a summoner must truly have risen above their peers. They must hold at least 2 Major pacts and a Master (level 3) pact with one of the Great Spirits. If they hold these pacts and have a reason deemed worthy the Gates of Pearl will open for them and Alexander will speak directly with them. A rare and very great honour, to be addressed directly by the spirit of Alexander himself.

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