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He loved her. That much was certain. He loved her dearly, as he watched her from afar, from his tower. He watched, but knew, their lives would never be together. So with a loving sigh, he closed his heart to her, and spent time alone, studying, ruling, and watching.

A minor noble, he grew to power in the public eye and their fame by buying housing and renting to those who needed it. He lost money - but he gained in the eyes of the church, in the eyes of the people, and in his own self respect.

Then his secret was known. The Wraith, Lord Tiberius, was leading a double life. Outside of the public eye, he ran a buisness of favors and poison - a man who killed through poisoned wine and back-alley murders. Wraith, a loved man in public, was a criminal lord in private, running his familly trade. His familly had not died in a fire caused by natural events. It had been set on purpose - by him.

They called for his head. He was stripped of it all in a heart beat and taken to trial - where he was found guilty of murder, arson, and being quite large in the underground. Being a noble, he was givena choice of his execution. To the shock of many, he asked for a meal of poison. It was given.

He was set into his tower and sealed to his room - and given a fine meal of poisoned steaks and wines, thing sthat would kill quickly - he was a master of such trade after all. And before a judge and a witness, he consumed the meal heartily, and drank the wine - and was pronounced dead within moments of his final bite. Thus was his body carried out and thrown into a grave, to be covered when the night fell.

Yet oddly enough, when the grave digger aproached, the only thing they found in the grave was his mask - and a note written in blood. The contents of the note were never released, but they say that, somewhere, Lord Tiberius still lives out there in the secret places of the world.

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